The Sam Thompson Foundation set a goal to raise as much as they could to help Vinnie Bednar after his accident on the track. They have already surpassed what they imagined they could get in the first week. Dr. Ed Allred pledged his donation on September 11th of $50,000 on top of what has been already raised and what they hope to raise in the upcoming days and weeks. This is in hope that this will help Vinnie’s days to be easier ahead and allow him to focus on healing and getting better. If you would like to donate as well please use the link below. 100% of what you donate will go directly to Vinnie!! No transaction fees!!!


The Sam Thompson Memorial Foundation provides support to those in need within the horse racing community. Unfortunately, there are two recent incidents that are deserving of our immediate attention:


  • Erin Anderson: Many west coast race fans and industry horsemen & women know trainer Jim Anderson (STMF, Board Member) and his sister, Erin Anderson, who has been a trainer and an assistant trainer (to Greg Gilchrist and Jeff Blonde). Erin was involved in a horrific attack several weeks ago. She was stabbed in the neck, chest, and torso while trying to prevent an unknown attacker from kidnapping her 10 year old daughter. She was hospitalized and in ICU, but is now at home recovering with her family. She has multiple young children, she will be unable to return to work at the race track for a substantial period of time.

The Sam Thompson Memorial Foundation will be donating $2,500 over the next two months to assist Erin Anderson. 100% of the donations we receive will go towards helping with expenses.


  • Vinnie Bednar: Fan favorite, Vinnie Bednar, a SoCal jockey, was involved in a terrible spill which left him paralyzed. The accident happened at Los Alamitos on August 22nd in a 300 yard Quarter Horse race. Vinnie was dismounted near the finish line, resulting in major injuries. He underwent surgery at USC Medical Center, and his long rehab journey will start when he arrives at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, which specializes in spinal cord injuries. His recovery costs are tremendous, so any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

The Sam Thompson Memorial Foundation will be donating to assist with Vinnie Bednar’s medical needs. 100% of the donations we receive will go towards helping with expenses.

100% of your donations will be used to assist with expenses.

Please to donate to Erin Anderson, Vinnie Bednar or to the most urgent need



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