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Hickman Saddlery

Bob and Tara Hickman own Hickman Saddlery in Post Falls Idaho. Bob is a saddle maker and has been a bit, spur and saddle collector for the past twenty years. Bob was born in Almota, Washington. Bob Hickman’s grandfather was a foundation breeder for appaloosa’s back in late 1920’s through 1940’s. Bob was a calf roper in high school and College.

Tara’s dedication, leadership and excellence in marketing.With 8 years of experience as the director of finance for Hickman Saddlery, Ms. Hickman specializes in customer relations. In the course of her duties, she is responsible for overseeing finances and marketing, and working with customers to ensure that they get exactly what they want from their custom-made items.

Their business is expanding worldwide. Hickman Saddlery sells to collectors in France, Italy and Sweden. Canada. There’s a big market in Europe.One of their biggest events is at the Mandalay bay Convention Center. National Finals in Las Vegas Bob Hickman says he caters mostly to the “working cowboy. “It’s seeing buckaroos all over the West relying on his gear that’s most gratifying.

“These are tools to a working cowboy,” Bob said, strolling through his shop where saddles and other riding necessities jam the sales floor and dangle from the rafters. He now turns out between 45 and 50 handmade saddles a year, he said. Prices start at $2,700 and can go up to $30,000 with silver embellishment.

His latest product is a, cable-rigged saddle, with a carbon fiber tree. Western traditions come easily to Hickman. He grew up on the Hickman owned family 4000 acre ranch in Colfax WA and north Idaho. “I think this is one of the last industries that have gotten computerized. Some (cowboys) are lucky to even have electricity.”

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