Sam Thompson Foundation Sponsor – Double Bars Ranch

Double Bars Ranch

In June of 1989, Jens L. List, Jr. purchased 153 acres that is now Double Bar S Ranch in Moreno Valley, California. Since the passing of Jens in November of 1996, his wife Sharon and daughters Rhonda and Dawn run Double Bar S Ranch. The Ranch is mainly utilized for racehorses, including breeding, training, and lay-ups. The 153 acres that makes up the total area of the ranch are divided into a 5/8 mile racetrack, 11 large pastures ranging from 15-25 acres, 34 large grass paddocks and over 100 smaller turnout pens. When filled to capacity the ranch can accommodate 750 animals but usually carries an average animal population of 350 horses. Approximately 150 mares, 100 yearlings and 100 to 125 racehorses in training can be found on the grounds the majority of the time.

There are also five stallions owned by Double Bar S Ranch.


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