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Hydrex Pest Control Co.

Robert B. Loibl, Sr., established L & N Pest Control in Los Angeles in 1921, and later renamed it to Master Pest Control. He was one of the four founding fathers of the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC) and its first president in 1942.

His son, Robert B. Loibl, Jr., began working and learning from his father after school and on Saturdays. He later started the Lloyd Pest Control Company in San Diego, and was a partner with his father in L & N Pest Control. He also started the Ant-B-Gone Products Company in Los Angeles, California, and then the Pest Control Service Company and Hydrex Pest Control Co., Inc. in Los Angeles, California in 1946. Robert Jr. spent his life paving the way to say good riddance to pests.

As well as developing a very successful state wide franchise with Hydrex Pest Control, he also held a number of patents. He invented the B-Gone series of pest poisons that many remember, a vermin exterminator, and the Pestron machine for producing insecticidal vapor. He developed many of the methodologies used today.

He was committed to keeping where we live, work and play safe and healthy places. He grew his company with men committed to his standards. They are family men, many of whom have passed their businesses to their families.

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