Sam Thompson Foundation Sponsor – Linda Manion

Linda Manion

Linda Manion grew up riding horses competing, riding hunters and jumpers. She began drawing them at an early age, giving away portraits to and of her friends. Her work includes people, their children and pets. She added that having a horse as a young girl centered an observation, and an appreciation that you never lose.

“From early compositions in black and white, I had a desire to eventually work in color. But, as for so many artists, it happens when it happens.

Pastels and their available diversity from softness to innate and rich brilliance, opened up opportunities for every composition.” Working from reference photographs, her realism presents dynamics in composition. A self-taught artist, she recognizes pastels as a strong artistic medium that can present itself as in fact, a ‘painted process’. “I was excited when I found that the application of my own technique in pastels could acquire as much detail as in other familiar mediums.”

Linda’s art captures the subject, depicting its likeness and inner beauty, the spirit.” I work to memorialize the subject, capturing a moment that holds your breath in memory.”

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