Bryce Bourdieu Is In Need of Support

All Proceeds will go to Bryce Bourdieu and his mother Julie Farr to help with his recovery.

Bryce is a wonderful, beautiful young man.  He was in Elgin, Texas, pursuing his dream of exercising racehorses when he had a tragic starting gate accident.  A filly flipped over on him, crushing his spine. He has endured two back surgeries, the last one lasting 11 hours.  After his second surgery, Bryce developed compartment syndrome in his left leg.  Eight surgeries later, his medical team determined tht his leg was no longer viable and had to be amputated.

Bryce has never lost hope and is determined to rehabilitate his broken body and return to the industry he loves.  Bryce has a strong work ethic.  At the time of the accident, he was also working as an assistant starter, saving to buy his first vehicle.  Bryce’s injuries will require months of in and out-patient therapy that is not covered by insurance.

This young man needs our help.  Let’s join and show him how the racetrack family comes together and helps each other.

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